Please note that any GBX you buy can only be used on the Swifin Platform. A processing fee of 3% will be applied plus the card processing fee.


Multi-tenant core banking and webshop platform

with real time payment collection service

Partners and Service Providers


 The Swifin Platform is a financial inclusion platform for members. Regulated member institutions and Digital Financial Services Providers such as Banks, Microfinance Institutions, Credit Unions and Community Savings and Loans Organisations leverage the Swifin Platform to deliver real time payments and related merchant services for platform members in real time to drive financial inclusion and active participation in the modern global digital economy.



Branded Mobile App

Partners can rollout a branded mobile App within days. Individual and business customers use App for making and receiving payments.  

Online Portal

The online portal with an integrated Market place allows Merchants to operate independent Webshops and leverage onlines sales.

Agency Banking

Partners can manage a network of Branches and Agents across the Country from a single portal with full real time transaction execution and visibility

Branded Cards

Merchant Account holders on the the Platform can collect or receive payments in real time from other platform Users and pay suppliers in real time.

Individual and Business Customers

Multiple Institutions and Service Providers can on board Individual and Businesses Customers in a particular Currency region to access services via a number of dedicated Account Types and payment channels. 

Services include real time payment collection services within the platform for Merchants who can also list products and services on the integrated online webshop. Platform Users such as Agents, Individuals and Business Customers can make and receive digital payments in real time on the platform. 

Individual Accounts

Individual Account holders on the the Platform can make and receive payments in real time from other platform Users.

Business Accounts

Business Account holders on the the Platform can make and receive payments in real time from other platform Users.

Partner Accounts

Partners on the Platform can process deposits and withdrawals for their platform Customers pay Merchants.

Merchant Accounts

Merchant Account holders on the the Platform can collect or receive payments in real time from other platform Users.

SMS Payments

Customers can send one SMS message to make payments, request payments, approve payments and check account balances using any mobile phone on any mobile network anywhere.

Mobile App

Smart phones on Android and iOS operating systems can install either the Swifin App or any other branded App running on the Swifin Exchange to manage accounts and process  payments. 

Online Portal

Online Portal allows Merchants to manage product inventory and online sales. Customers can process payments and generate local and international invoice payment links.

Card Payments

Customers with NFC Cards can make payments at dedicated participating member Merchant outlets by touching NFC card on Android POS devices running the Swifin App. 

Open RESTFUL API Service


The Swifin Platform Open RESTFUL API Service allows all Account holders to automate payment processes and to develop their own payment processing interfaces to build the connected Digital Finance Ecosystem.

Transactions services available via traditional payment channels are also available via API to facilitate transactions automation for local and international payments across the exchange.  


Local and International Payments

Local Payments

Local Currency payments are allowed between platform members within the same Currency region subject to availability of regulated service partners. Transactions between different currency groups are powered by the Platform integrated GBX which is a token linked to British Pound. 

GBX Payments

Cross  Currency payments are allowed between platform members within different Currency regions. Individual and Business Customers can convert between GBX and their respective Local Currencies and vise versa at the prevailing conversion rates subject to service availability.  

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